A blissful waking in Bali

Feeling a little bit of cold air kiss my arms and face I realise it is morning . I rub my eyes and turn towards to the soft light coming through the beautiful white muslin that surrounds my bed. I finally focus my eyes and draw the muslin back and am reminded of where I am. Tingles fill my whole body, my whole being. 

Looking out from my honey coloured bamboo windowless bedroom I see a glow on the otherside. The sun is rising slowly over the hill above the palm trees that look like fingers stretching out wide to wake up too and play with the sunlight in their hands. The sound of roosters and other birds echo through the valley but the waters rushing in the river below are the loudest most powerful song most of all. They sound so deep and alive and refreshing. I must take a walk down there today.
But for now I keep resting for on my pillow in bed trying to take it all in as the bird song around me builds up stronger.
How can this be real? this magical open aired bamboo masterpiece they call sunrise house, this incredible landscape to wake up to, this amazing experience that my children and I are sharing.
Surely I am dreaming ….. but I don’t think I am
We are sooooo very blessed


Green Village, Bali 8.9.14

(I will have more to share with you from our Bali trip soon)

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