A family get together and Mary’s 90th filled with love and craziness

“The family in these photos – the Goodwin family- is a paradox. We are a fluid, ever changing and growing thing, yet solid and unshakable.   We are ageing and slowing and at the same time forever youthful and passionate. We are permanently welded together by love of family and yet stretched far and wide across this country.   We are not often all in the one place but we are always together.
Mary Goodwin turned 90 on 11th August 2014.  We gathered in Nagambie Victoria to celebrate her birthday but also to celebrate this loud, vibrant, diverse, crazy family who are forever linked in love due in large part, to Mary Goodwin.   Thank you Liz for capturing the love in these wonderful faces. “

(It was my birthday but of course I said yes when Jenni when she asked me to photograph this fun bunch of people.
I drove away with a big big smile)

“Mary Goodwin turned 90 on August 11th 2014.
She has spent her life caring for others. She has always had a way with people.
Her life’s career as a nurse stands as a testament to her.
People gravitate to her warmth and genuine empathy.

Her family can attest to her brilliant cooking too!
We love you Mum/Nanna Mary. “

As you do in the Goodwin family :-) 

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