It’s not just garlic – let’s take a walk with Grahame and see ….

I’d known Grahame, Lisa and their girls for a while now and knew they grew and sold organic garlic and garlic products in their business called Green Temple Garlic but I’d never actually been out to visit them at Katamatite until just recently. I hugely inspired by their permaculture garden and it has a lot more then just garlic. As I walked with Grahame around his mandala garden he not only pointed out what things were but what their purpose was in the garden and why it was placed where it was and so much more about permaculture that I had forgotten. Quite a few years back I had read about this and visited some gardens or food forests should I say. Grahame is so passionate and has a wealth of knowledge. Growing with this method just makes sense – things working in harmony with one another with a purpose. That is very exciting to me.

You can order direct from their farm here
and I encourage you to join Grahame and Lisa’s facebook page Green Temple Garlic which they update regularly 

But for now let’s take a walk with Grahame, Lisa and their family ……

Watch this space – something wonderful is happening …..

One of my favourite things in the WHOLE world is home grown strawberries – these were extra delicious !!


Ahhhh the smell of fresh mint ……

I love this idea of moveable chook pens to work the garden beds before planting

Grahame explained to me about the importance of a swale in permaculture gardening


You have not had garlic until you have tried organically grown Green Temple Garlic

A place Grahame spends a lot of time at harvest time

Grahame encouraged me to try the garlic scapes but not if I was going to be kissing anyone later that night. (I told him there was no chance of that)

And Grahame made me a garlic plait to take home. I love it. And they told me to keep it away from the heat. I think Grahame and Lisa may have spotted my garlic basket hanging over the stove top when they visited my house. Hmmm…. I don’t keep garlic there now

The girls made me a basket of delicious goodies to take home – yummo! The best gift basket of all

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  • Lisa - Thanks Liz for some really wonderful images our family will treasure. I look forward to framing them and getting a sequence of many years to come also!!! LisaReplyCancel

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