A hike in the Cathedral Ranges, Victoria

We left Shepparton and Melbourne early in the morning to rendezvous at the Taggerty Store. After a conversation with a local lady we decided to do Ned’s Gully to Cathedral Peak and Little Cathedral and leave the Southern Circuit for another time. Our 6 hour walk (including a lunch break) was steep and challenged us at times but was just where we all needed to be. We were very glad to have hiking poles with us. 
It was a first time for all of us to the Cathedral Ranges but I am sure we’ll all be back
We finished the day heading down to Buxton for pizza at the Bucky Pub and warmed ourselves by the big log fire before driving back home.

These boys were on an overnight school hike

We didn’t stay at the campground but looks like a great place for us to come back to.


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