A Sunday afternoon walk – Euroa, Victoria


“Calling Liz to book into a family photo session was done as an act of faith. In a world where so much emphasis is based upon appearances and styling, I was drawn to Liz’s love of genuine storytelling and capturing that which I find is truly beautiful- the story behind the people she is photographing. What was it that I was hoping Liz would be able to capture in the time we spent together? We are a family of 6 unique people who are all learning so much from each other. We all have different strengths and we are growing to understand the power of our gifts and talents as individuals within this family. We are at our best when we are outdoors simply mucking around together and are so grateful for the natural beauty that surrounds us here in Euroa. Letting go of timetables and agendas and simply exploring what is possible is when our family’s true riches are revealed. I am so grateful to have this afternoon on the side of a hill with my family to remind me how precious time such as this is. Like so many other families, we can be noisy, emotional, somewhat shambolic and preoccupied with fitting as much into life as we can. Yet, as quickly as the weather changed from threatening to glorious that afternoon, Liz glimpsed what lies at the heart of our family and she valued its worth as much we do. At the very centre is the love and immense gratitude we have for each other. This session was about us as a loving family; loving what nature has provided, loving life and loving each other. Thank you Liz for the beautiful way you honoured the Kilby family’s story.”


We wandered and chatted like we’d known each other for years yet we had just met and could have talked and explored together for a very long time. As the sun set we parted but I know we will see each other again. It was a really special afternoon and one I won’t forget.
Thank you Liz for inviting me to photograph your family

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