A wedding for Amy and Michael

Amy and Michael wanted a relaxed lunchtime wedding celebration and that is exactly what they had on a beautiful warm sunny day. 

A wedding ceremony officiated by Amy’s Aunty – Jennifer Broadbent was held in a private garden at Orrvale and the reception was held at Friar’s Cafe, Shepparton. 

Tyler Hudson entertained the guests and everyone had lots of fun. 


Favourite memories of the wedding day

” My favourite memory was seeing Amy for the first time on the day as she walked down the aisle towards me. I also really loved our first kiss as man and wife”  Michael. 

I have so many amazing memories from the day. I was so excited for the day to finally be here. I loved getting ready with the girls,my mum and Aunties. I can honesty say I wasn’t nervous about getting married as I knew Michael was the one for me. I never knew you could love another person so much. Michael really is my one true love my fairytale ending. My only worry was trying not to cry too much on the day. I loved that our ceremony was done by Aunty Jenni. It made it more personal having someone I loved being able to marry us. The whole day was perfect from walking down the aisle to our first kiss to our first dance to us leaving the reception. It was great to have all our family and friends who we love so much all together to help us celebrate the next chapter in our lives together.”  Amy.

Funniest moments –

“My funniest moment was watching Amy do the gangman stlye dance in her wedding dress”  Michael. 

“The keys being too heavy for the balloons so they didn’t float away as we had planned to start with so we had to add more balloons.  Having my Nan dance in her wheelchair with us is also a funny/beautiful memory we have” Amy

Messages for Amy and Michael –

Dear Amy and Michael
Congratulations on your marriage,
Have a wonderful life!
You are two terrific people,
Now teamed as man and wife.
A team with blessings like yours
Will live a life you’ll cherish;
You’ll find happiness everywhere,
For your love will never perish.
We are very proud of you both. Your wedding was beautiful. Love mum and dad Tremellen. Xxx

To our youngest son Michael and his beautiful bride Amy.
Your wedding was testament to your love for each other.
Perfect day, perfect setting and a perfect pair.
We wish you a long married life full of love and happiness.
Love you both, Mum & Dad [Moore]

  • Daniel Moore - Amy & Michael,
    Thank you for being a part of your special day as Best Man i thank you from the bottom of my heart, im proud to have a sis in law.

    good luck and all the best
    lots of love
    ( Michaels brother & Amys brother in law)ReplyCancel

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