an afternoon with the Thompson family

 An afternoon of simple fun and laughter – this is what happens often at the Thompson house and cousins often come visiting too.

” My wife Row came into my life out of the blue and stayed, she brought me out of a place that I thought was normal. She showed me what was right and wrong. She showed me love and compassion, how to live and later how to be the great mother that she is today. There is no amount of flowers and jewellery that can show how much I love her, through the good times and the bad I will be there for her, My love.” Dave
Row said, ” Dave and I met 13 years ago at a mutual friends birthday party. Conversation with him was easy that night, as easy as it is today. The next day he consumed my every thought – he still does. We met up a few times and just clicked. Pretty quickly we were inseperable, his friends became my friends and mine his. He made me feel good; special – like no one else was important. He still does. He would do anything, absolutely anything for anyone, not because he was asked, but because he wants to. We’re quickly approaching 4 years of marriage. Our wedding day was just brilliant. It was a surprise celebration in front of an intimate group of family and friends. Lots of drinks, lots of food, lots of laughs, lots of fun, lots of love – that’s us ! “

“Every day they make me happy, cry and laugh, that’s what they do – they are kids, my kids and I love them unconditionally.No matter what they do I will always be there to love and cherish them and help them for years to come” Dave

“Jorga is the most beautiful person to walk on this earth. She is caring and compassionate and intelligent beyond her years. She has an infectious giggle and can guarantee to make me laugh when no one else can. I love her so much, I don’t think any words will do justice for the way she makes me feel ” Row

Have you ever tried to balance a coin on top of a lemon whilst it is floating in water?

” Blake has taught me more about patience and love in the past two years than what most people will learn in a lifetime. He entered the world in a hurry and hasn’t slowed down since. A determined and focused little boy with more energy than a summer storm. Just before bedtime his gentle and loving side shines through – moulding him perfectly” Row said.

Jorga says ” I love Blakey because he’s cute and cuddly and really funny. He gives me a cuddle every morning and kisses me goodnight before he goes to bed. He makes really funny animal noises, he makes me laugh.”

“My dad makes me laugh when he tickles me. My dad always gives me more icecream than mum does. I go to the fire station with dad on Sunday mornings, sometimes we go fishing too. I love my mum because she looks after me and cooks lasagne. I like reading books with her. I love it when she paints my nails. Sometimes when it’s just me and mum, we go out for cake. My family is awesome because we love each other ! “


  • sarah black - OH Liz. What a magnificent celebration of this family, but more than that, what it is to be any family. Breathtaking.ReplyCancel

    • Liz - Thank you Sarah. I had such a lovely afternoon with the family. I love stories too, now preserved 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Melissa Ellis - WOW wow wow Liz!! I loved this story. You captured a bit of everything. What a beautiful album that will make.ReplyCancel

    • Liz - Thank you Melissa. I love their story too. And yes it certainly will make a beautiful and historical album 🙂ReplyCancel

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