Abe Nouk is a truly inspirational man

I have met many inspirational people but none have left me feeling as touched as I did when I heard Abe share his conversation and spoken poetry the other night. Normally Abe (a spoken poet) shares mainly just his poems but on this night it was much more than that. There was just as much conversation. This was a gift. Thank you Abe.

Sometimes you meet someone who touches you deep down in your soul and you feel so honoured to have had the opportunity to meet them, Abe Nouk is that such person. Abe is originally from Sudan and lives in Melbourne now. One of the most beautiful experiences I had was last Saturday night at the amazing little place we love to go called The Parish B&B in Violet Town with my daughter and friends. Helen has brought some amazing guests in intimate gatherings and concerts but this night was extra special to me.  And it wasn’t just Abe performing on the night but there was also a brilliant young singer, 12 year old Ethiopian born Emmanuel who brought me and others to tears within the first few notes he sang. It was like an angel appeared on stage.

Then Abe spoke through poetry and conversation with vulnerability.
(See more about Abe here http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-02-14/a-poetic-slam-dunk/5261672 and http://www.fluorodigital.com/2013/11/abe-ape-humble/  )

He shared his poems but he also spoke of –

The best investment you can have is investing in people not money. Invest in people. 

He knows what hatred is but he knows what love looks like.

He spoke of child soldiers and many other things but mostly he spoke of honesty, courage and love and taking time to see the precious things. 

Be the explorer – go ahead and ask the questions, it could be the most honest conversation you ever have. How brave are you?

Try not to get defensive start walking around with open palms ……. 

Trade handshakes for hugs 

Dont think, just feel. He said. 

My friends Tamara and Kathy who attended the night would really love to bring Abe to our hometown Shepparton for others to have the same opportunity we did in a small intimate setting. (Please let me know if you are interested)


I will never forget Abe, his poetry, his tenderness and all that he shared. I hope you get to meet him soon. I know from what I said it doesn’t really tell you much but it tells you a little. Abe is a man I wish for you all to meet.


  • Robyn prendergast - Hi Liz, how do I get in touch with this young man, we are planning Julia’s 21st which is next Easter . We would like to offer him a gig Julia has been to a few poetry slamming events. Her 21st is not going to be a typical Aussie 21st, planning to get her choir to sing and Abe would be a wonderful inspirational addition to the night. Not to mention a great person to meet with in the mean time.
    See you Tuesday night.
    Cheers Robyn x
    Ps also interested in getting him to shep.ReplyCancel

    • Liz - Emailing you now Robyn. That sounds amazing. Abe is amazing ! And yes we will get him to Shep. We’ve been talking about a performance and he also suggested a writing workshop. See you Tuesday.ReplyCancel

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