And they’re off…

“I am a mother of six, my children range in age from 25 to 5. And this month I sent the youngest off to school. It is a very emotional time for any parent but after 20 years of school drop offs, school lunches, uniform washing, finding socks in the morning… I have finally reached a point in my life were I have some time to think about what I want to do.

About 20 years ago my eldest daughter started school. And everyone knows what a big deal starting school is!! But, I cannot remember any of it! I knew that I wanted to document my youngest moving off on his education journey, but I didn’t want to document the event myself. I didn’t want a phone snap of him ready in his uniform. I wanted all the kids to be involved, I wanted to see this morning through the lens of one of the best documentary photographers I know. So I called Liz, as I have done for many important events including the birth of the baby who was having his first day at school!
I want to thank Liz for going above and beyond to help me make this day extra special, not once did get my camera or phone out, because I knew that I didn’t need to.”


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