Backyard time is what Julie loves

Julie told me when she booked me was that she wanted black and white photos in her backyard relaxing with a few drinks, so that’s what we did, it was great fun and very relaxed.

Julie loves backyard time with her family. With her parents living right next door, they often join her for a drink in the evenings. Julie’s kids are older now and it’s hard for her to get them altogether, so when this shoot finally happened after months of trying to pin them down to a date it was really so very special for her. As I went to leave Jules leant over to me and said, “This is us, this is what I love, I love nights like this, this is just what I wanted”. I left them sharing stories about their grandfather and all laughing together.

Max played an old favourite that he hadn’t played for years. He use to be in a band and play a lot. He needed a little encouragement to play, but I think he loved it and so did the grandkids.



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