‘Beaumont’ is a place that my partner Ben has talked about to me many times. Last week I finally got to visit that beautiful place in Kangaroo Valley, NSW. ‘Beaumont’ was owned by Ben’s grandparents Lotte & William Cremer who enjoyed this place for many years, but today Ben’s cousin lives there and is currently renovating this beautiful house.

Ben shares some favourite memories with you  –  “Memories of holidays with my dad as a child in the mid 70’s: the smell of the surrounding rainforest – damp earth, moss & ferns, the sound of trucks backfiring down the hill, the sound the tap in the sink made, making acorn men when it rained, a circle of salt to ward off leaches when using the outside toilet, the now mature grove of trees planted when when I and my cousins where born. THAT special smell…”

Ben is pictured here beside the tree that was planted when he was born. He is standing in front of the cabin that he enjoyed staying in with his dad

Sculptures by Ben’s cousin

Another beautiful area in Kangaroo Valley.

  • lauren waye - gorgeous liz- how special to have a tree planted for you when you are born! as for ripley, she is a guardian angel, to heal the soul. mwah xoxoReplyCancel

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