Beth and Chris get married

Young love, beautiful love! I remember when Beth first phoned me to check if I would be ok photographing a wedding when they were so young. I said, “Of course!”. I knew this would be an extra special love and it is. Their love is so pure and sweet and it was an absolute delight to photograph their wedding.

Beth and Chris I wish you all the best with your amazing journey ahead. xo

Thoughts from the bride and groom. (You may need to grab some tissues before you read this. I know I should have)

“January 4th, 2014

Leading up to the wedding, everything was so stressful. Making sure we had everything sorted out, perfectly timed, organised, arranged and beautiful was almost one big headache! Honestly, don’t say it’s a walk in the park, because it’s not. But on the day, when we first saw each other from different ends of the church, nothing else really mattered. As long as nothing stopped us from getting married on the day, we considered it perfect.

Slowly everything else started coming into view – the smiles on everyone’s faces, the tears, the support – and the day was wonderful. Sure, mistakes were made, no one knew the words to our songs and my shoes were sinking into the ground all day, but I got the man of my dreams and he got the girl of his.

We just had something small; we didn’t want fancy just a small intimate wedding for us and for our friends and family. And that was what we got. In this small country church surrounded by everyone we cared about and everyone who loved us, with a million memories, we had our perfect wedding.

 Liz was an amazing calming influence after the ceremony. Just letting us ‘be’ throughout our wedding photos with no stress and no rush was what we needed; to be with each other and take in our day.It was undoubtedly the fastest day of our lives with so much going on and we have amazing photos to capture it.

But in the end,  we married our best friend and have them for life!

 Beth and Chris “


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