Hello, my name is Liz. I am a storyteller with over 30 years professional photography and multi-media experience based in Shepparton, Central Victoria, Australia working nationally and internationally. I am a mother to Jamile and Jaiman and extended family who are now young adults and I love watching them explore the world. I spend my free time connecting to my community, going on adventures in nature and have a strong interest in community harmony and wellbeing near and far.

I enjoy preserving your family and community stories in many varied forms of our diverse cultures: from private commissions to working with community groups/organisations.

My approach when photographing anything is in a gentle way to tell a story, to capture who you truly are, to show connections between each other in a natural and relaxed manner.

Humanitarian projects are very important to me – to give others a voice strengthening understanding and connection. Part of the funds clients invest with me is donated towards these projects (see list below).

My earliest memory using a camera was playing with my mum’s box brownie where I vividly remember standing in the sunshine on the front verandah of my family home in Sydney with my cat Whisky beside me. I think I was about 8 years old. As a teenager one of favourite places to be was in the dark room with my radio blaring.

Whether it’s your life or mine those moments matter to me.
I look forward to meeting you.

Projects and Exhibitions

2022 ‘Lullaby’ 
A sound recording and photography series of lullabies of various cultures.  
Exhibited March to April 2022 at Shepparton Library as part of the Shepparton Festival. 
2022 ‘Think About It – Did It’ 
View the portraits of regional Victorian LGBTIQA+ elders sharing their stories and history.
Exhibited March 2022 at GoTafe Common Ground Cafe as part of the Shepparton Festival. 
2021 Prayer and Reflection Exhibition and Community Coversations
A photo and documentary community harmony project 
Euroa August 2nd 2021, Shepparton August 7th 2021 
2020 ‘Prayer and Reflection’ Project & Online Exhibition 
A photo and documentary series
Opening November 23rd 2020
2020 ‘Art, Covid and our Story Now’
Curator and mentor with Nathalia community.
Exhibited August to October 2020 The G.R.A.I.N store Gallery, Nathalia 
2018 ‘I Am Beautiful’ African Hair Project.
Multicultural Arts Victoria.
Exhibited June 2018, Eastbank Shepparton.
– Exploration of African-Australian perspectives on hairstyling revealing a diversity of viewpoints that challenge Western dominant ideals of beauty.
2018 Khanuma Therapeutic Photography Workshops. Primary Care Connect.
Private exhibition June 2018 Primary Care Connect Shepparton.
– A series of workshops with Afghan women.
2017 ‘Mapping Shepparton’ Artist in Residency. Secura Lifestyle Shepparton East, Shepparton Festival.
Exhibited March 2018, J.H and Co. Management, Shepparton.
– A residency exploring the social and cultural conditions of place documenting individual memories and personal experiences.
2016 ‘Dukhan’ Self Funded
Exhibited June 2016 , Taste of African Cultures, St Paul’s African House, Shepparton
– A short documentary film and photography of a traditional Sudanese body incensing beauty practice.
2016 Living Recipes Project Part 2. Shepparton Festival.
Exhibited March 2016, Converge Festival.
– Photography and documentary film.
A further 6 cultures were documented to add to a growing collection (see below).
2015  ‘Home’, Rural Housing Network.
Exhibited August 2015 for Homelessness Prevention Week in pop up space, Wangaratta.
– Photographs and audio stories about home and homelessness. Across the Hume district many people were photographed and had their thoughts about Home and Homelessness audio recorded.
2015 Nepal Earthquake Recovery Documentary, Hands for Nepal, Sindhulpalchok and Bhaktapur, Nepal.
Film and photography exhibited April 2016 at Cup of Tea for Nepal event, St Paul’s African House, Shepparton and online.
– Storytelling through film and photography about the effects and recovery of the May 2015 earthquake in Nepal.
2015 Living Recipes Project, Shepparton Festival.
Exhibited March 2015 SPC and Converge Festival, Shepparton.
– A social documentary (photography and film) and community engagement project exploring food rituals (making, eating and significant memories) of various cultures.
2014 ‘Threads of Colour’ Project. Kildonan Uniting Care, Shepparton.
Exhibited October 2014, Sacred Space, Shepparton
– A visual-documentary of a group of women learning to sew whilst practicing their English and making friends at a multicultural sewing group in Shepparton.
2014Restoring Hope, Celebrating Fathers’ Project, Kildonan Uniting Care.
Exhibited June 2014, Refugee Week, Wesley Hall, Shepparton.
– Family portraits project. Seven Shepparton refugee fathers were documented doing something they loved with their children and also had a family portrait taken. They were gifted a professionally framed family photo.
2014 ‘A Part of Me – The Light Within’ Part 2 Project, Part self funded, The Bridge Youth Service.
Exhibited Part 1 and Part 2 March 2014, Get the Dream Going Youth Art-Music Pop-up Space, Shepparton.
Exhibited Part 1 and Part 2 October 2015, The Next Generation-A Child First Alliance Conference, Eastbank Shepparton.
– Social documentary and community engagement project (see more below).
2013Think About It’ Project, Uniting Care Cutting Edge Diversity Project.
Exhibited March 2013, Latrobe University Shepparton.
Exhibited October 2013, Adventure Always Artist Collective Conference, Long Beach, USA.
Screenings ongoing nationally via Uniting Care Cutting Edge.
Educational Resource DVD November 2013, available from Diversity Project, Uniting, Shepparton.
– A collection of 10 young GLBTIQ+ people’s stories. The 8 attitudes associated with the Riddle scale of homophobia are drawn upon as the young people’s voices emerge, sharing their real-life experiences.
2012 Beloved Project, self funded.
Exhibited part online, part private.
– A documentation to celebrate the relationships of the GLBTIQ+ community which involved photography and the audio recording of a letter shared aloud with each other in a location chosen by couple that had special significance to them.
2012 Hear My Heart Project,
Relationships Australia Victoria and Vincent Care.
Exhibited March 2012 David Stradling Framing, Shepparton Festival.
Exhibited September 2012 Adventure Always Artist Collective Conference, Palm Springs, USA.
Exhibited November 2012 at ‘No to Violence’ National Conference, Melbourne, Australia.
Exhibited May 2013  Mooroopna Hub, Mooroopna
-A series of workshops and documentation giving a voice and assistance in recovery to those who have experienced abuse in their life.  (link)
2011 ‘A Part of Me – The Light Within’ Part 1 Project, Self funded.
Exhibited March 2012, Letizias Restaurant Shepparton, Shepparton Festival.
Exhibited September 2012 Adventure Always Artist Collective Conference, Palm Springs, USA.
– Social documentary and community engagement project. Teenagers in their bedrooms were photographed on a medium format film camera doing something they love and shared their handwritten words about what makes them feel happy. At the Shepparton exhibition the participants were invited to perform anything they wished for the community to learn more about them.
2011 School Holiday Photography Workshops for Refugee Youth, Cutting Edge.
Exhibited June 2011, Wesley Hall, Shepparton.
– A facilitation and teaching of basic photography skills to refugee youth exploring their new home of Shepparton in Australia.

In recent years I’ve chosen not to enter awards to instead focus on project work.
2011 Shortlisted, Head On Portrait Prize, Australia
2011 Semi-finalist, Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize, Australia
2010 Two Accolades of Excellence, WPPI (Second half of year awards), USA
2010 One Silver Award, Four Bronze Awards, International Aperture Awards, International
2010 Two Silver Awards, APPA, Australia
2010 Top 10 Wedding Photographer, Capture Magazine, Australia
2010 Six Accolades of Excellence, WPPI, USA
2009 Three Accolades of Excellence, WPPI (First half of year awards), USA
2009 Silver Award, Wedding Album Category, APPA, Australia
2009 Silver Award, AIPP Victoria Awards, Australia
2008 Honourable Mention, Black and White Spider International Awards, International
2008 Silver Award, APPA, Australia
2008 Four Silver Awards, AIPP Victorian Awards, Australia
2007 Two Silver Awards, APPA, Australia
WPPI – Wedding and Portrait Photographers International
APPA – Australia Professional Photography Awards
AIPP – Australian Institute of Professional Photographers

Professional and Industry Development
2020/2021 Series of workshops – working with people of refugee and asylum seeking background, Foundation House, Melbourne.  
2018 – Managing Community Cultural Groups workshop, Multicultural Arts Victoria, Mooroopna
2018 – Creative Cultural and Social Enterprise workshop, Multicultural Arts Victoria, Mooroopna
2018 – Grant Writing workshop, Greater Shepparton City Council, Shepparton
2018 – Grant Writing workshop, Regional Arts Victoria, Shepparton
2018 – Cultural Festivals Forum, Multicultural Arts Victoria, Mooroopna
2018 – Project logic: Developing Arts and Community Projects, Multicultural Arts Victoria, Mooroopna
2018 – Psychological First Aid and Emotional Spiritual Care, VCC Emergencies Ministry, Bendigo
2018 – Facilitator and attendee, National Conference of Rural Australians for Refugees, Wodonga
2017 – Audiences and Diversity workshop, Footscray Community Arts Centre
2017 – Ethics and Self Determination workshop, Footscray Community Arts Centre
2017 – #Righttrack Conversation workshop, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Shepparton
2017 – Most Significant Change Evaluation training, Leanganook Yarn, Shepparton
2017 – Media with Community Groups training, SBS, Melbourne
2016 – #Dysturb photojournalism and social activism workshop, Melbourne
2016 – Australian International Documentary Conference, Melbourne
2016 – Evaluation workshop, Footscray Community Arts Centre
2015 – Cultural Competency Training – Healing the Spirit, Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-op, Mooroopna
2015 – Creative Arts Recovery Facilitation training, Regional Arts Victoria, Melbourne
2015 – Fairley Leadership, Fairley Leadership Program, Victoria
2014 – LGBTI rural youth and resilient communities forum, Out in the Open, Shepparton
2013 – Stephen Dupont Documentary Photography multi-day workshop, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne
2013 – What If conference, creative and business workshops, Bali, Indonesia
2013 – Deb Schwedhelm creative photography and business multi-day workshop, Bali, Indonesia
2012 – Open Channel documentary film making multiple workshops, Shepparton
2012 – APPA multi-day conference, Australian Institute of Professional Photographers, Melbourne
2012, 2013 – Life as an Artform multiple creativity workshops, Jesh De Rox, Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay
2012, 2013 – Speaker and participant at Adventure Always Artists Collective multi-day conference and workshops, Los Angeles and Palm Springs, USA
2012 – Business as an Artform 12 month program, Jesh De Rox, Online
2011 – Film is Not Dead four day photography and business workshop, Jonathon Canlas, Melbourne
2011 – APPA multi-day conference, Australian Institute of Professional Photographers, Adelaide
2010 – Wedding and Portrait Photographers International conference, Las Vegas, USA
2010 – Tero Sade business workshop, Melbourne and multiple USA
2009 – Fuji AIPP conference, Australian Institute of Professional Photographers, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania
2009 – APPA multi-day conference, Australian Institute of Professional Photographers, Brisbane
2008 – Jerry Gihonis photography and business multi-day workshop, Melbourne
2007 – Tony Hewitt photography and business multi-day workshop, Melbourne
2007 – Yervant photography and business multi-day workshop, Melbourne

Apart from private commissions I am proud to work with the following:
Centre for Multicultural Youth
Primary Care Connect
Communities for Children
Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-op
Multicultural Arts Victoria
Kaiela Arts
Inter-Faith Network, Shepparton
Regional Arts Victoria
Fairley Leadership Foundation
Rural Housing Network
Relationships Australia Victoria
Greater Shepparton City Council
Victorian Multicultural Commission
Parliament of Victoria
Melbourne University
Deakin University Anthropology 
St Paul’s African House
ABC Open
Bendigo Bank
Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Foundation 
Girgarre Revival Project
Shepparton English Language Centre
St Georges Road Primary School
Bourchier Street Primary School
Wilmot Road Primary School
Gowrie Street Primary School
Shepparton High School
World Collective Band
Rare Child
Shepparton Festival
Mission Australia
Save the Children
Future Voices
Lulla’s Family and Children’s Centre
Vincent Care
The Bridge Youth Service
Hands With Hands Organisation
Shepparton Newspaper
The Age Newspaper
Dairy Australia
Women’s Day Magazine
‘Outback’ RM Williams Magazine
Quilters Companion Magazine
GV Bridal Co.
Bride and Groom Magazine
JL Productions
Goulburn Valley Health
Local MPs
Local businesses
Catholic Care Sandhurst
Department of Social Services
Buddhist Association of the Goulburn Valley, Shepparton 
Filipino Community
Shepparton Sikh Community
Shepparton Chinese Association
Shepparton Congolese Community
GV Afghan Association

This song relates to what is important to me and a message I’d love to share with you – please press play