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Abe Nouk is a truly inspirational man

I have met many inspirational people but none have left me feeling as touched as I did when I heard Abe share his conversation and spokenRead More »

Summer road trip

There really is nothing like a family road trip. It’s one of my favourite things to do. This was our Summer road trip. It was theRead More »

Go see the street pianos in Melbourne – we did !

A day off work – Yesterday Jaiman and I had a musical day. We started with the open day at the Australian Institute of Music, andRead More »

A day off and a drive in the Strathbogie Ranges

I love to go for a drive up in the Strathbogie Ranges when I get a chance to and even better that I could go with Ben and Ripley. TheRead More »

Bec and her dear little family

My dear friend Bec and I rarely catchup but when we do it’s wonderful. Last night going through some old photos I found a photo ofRead More »

Jaiman’s DJ Debut

My son Jaiman did his first gig at the Neon Dash charity event,Shepparton on last Friday night. Thanks to Tom Lawless, an experienced DJRead More »


I was thinking about the word courage and a friend came to mind today being election day. His name is Damien Stevens. Damien is a man whoRead More »

Kind – that is the word to describe my dad

                            Today is Father’s Day andRead More »

A visit to the internment camp where Ben’s Opa was held for over five years

Icame across some photos I took a couple of years ago that I had never looked through until last night.They were photos from a very specialRead More »