Chloe and Michael’s Wedding



How do I possibly describe one of the best days of our lives! It was beautiful! It was the most magical day we could have hoped for.

They say it is good luck to rain on your wedding day….The morning of October 31st 2015 I woke to the sound of rain on the tin roof… if left the house the nerves had kicked in for Mick, I kissed him goodbye and said “I’ll see you at 4 O’clock.”

The day went by so quickly, smiles were happening, tears (happy tears) were flowing, and laughs were rumbling, as I got ready for what I soon learnt was the most amazing and special day ever.

I pulled up in the car and there he was…My groom, my handsome fiancé about to become my husband. October 31st I got to marry my best friend.

As I got out of the car I remembered being told to “take it all in” because the time passes so quickly….and that it does. I looked around and there they were all of my closest friends and family, even my day care family there to share our special day with us.

The sun was out, my groom looked happy, my family were there by our side. What more could I ask for?

We made our commitment and shared our vows as I promised to nag him and never to keep score…..even if I was totally winning! And I became Mrs Chloe Galea.

The papers were signed the commitment was made and the vows were promised, all there was left to do was enjoy every moment as we reflected on what we had actually done. We are both so happy that we were able to share this day with our loved ones. 2015 was certainly a year to remember here’s to many more years of happiness!”

Chloe & Michael Galea

 Chloe – How would you describe our wedding day?

Mick – “The best day ever! I got to marry the girl of my dreams”


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