Christiano Design Studio

“My mum was the one who encouraged with my art. She gave me my first materials for a birthday present when I was a young boy. I practiced and practiced copying the pictures until I got it right. I lived in Indonesia but my first painting was of the Sydney Opera House. It’s a little bit freaky to think that now I live in Australia. (but I have not been to the Opera House yet) ”

I encourage you to go meet Dery this Saturday 11th March at Violet Town Market.
Follow Dery on his new facebook page Christiano Design Studio   

When I paint I love to listen to classical music. It makes me feel so relaxed and happy.

Dery would love people to respect him as an artist and know that this is not just a hobby.
He would love other artists to be respected the same way.

Dery sometimes turns people into super heroes working off a photo of them for the likeness.
“I loved it when Kieran picked up the painting of his daughter, as a character from Frozen.
He was so happy and said he felt like the a really great dad”

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