A young man called Declo is giving hope in the Congo

Congo Week is a global movement to break the silence of the Crisis in the Congo. There was a week of discussions, films music and prayers held for the first time in Shepparton held at St Paul’s African House. During the week we were reminded of the crisis in the Congo – a conflict over resources. Six million people have died and hundreds of thousands of women have been raped since the fighting broke out in 1997. Many people do not know this. We need these facts and stories be heard and not sweep it under the carpet. We need to try and help the Congo. This is why Pastor Matt Anker and Congolese leader Rashidi Sumaili organised a Congo week in Shepparton which has a large Congolese population
One young person who is trying to make a difference in the Congo is my friend Declo Bisimwa. On Saturday night at the African house we shared a meal, listened to music and a short film called ‘An African Book of Dreams’made by Bruce Cumming was shown and Declo gave a speech publicly for the first time here in Shepparton and told us more about a foundation he started – a foundation of hope. Declo received a grant from the Sampson Leadership Trust and started a foundation called Masomo Mbelle – meaning ‘School first’.
Declo cannot do this alone – he needs our help. Please visit their facebook page to find out what is happening and how you can help.
Below are a few photos from Saturday night.

Bruce Cummings made a film on Declo’s life. This is the first time it was shared publicly.

Rashidi and Pastor Matt are deeply concerned about the crisis in the Congo and let the stories and the facts be heard not let someone sweep it under the carpet.

A minute’s silence

“My blood is still in Congo, My dream is still in Congo” Declo

It’s a war of greed with conflict over resources

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