Denise, Ben and Meg – a Cambodian Adoption Story

Families are formed in all sorts of ways.

Last year I bought a beautiful scarf from Denise which had a little swing tag on it. It read Cambodian Orphanage fund. I chatted to Denise about the fund and she told me her story. I was blown away. So since I had booked quite a few family sessions that day, I decided I wanted to give back and do a story for someone. This is the story I gifted to Denise and her children.

To Denise, Ben and Meg, I hope you like this and I hope this also helps raise funds for your orphanages. Your story is one I would treasure forever. It’s amazing how you all came together. Much love to you, Liz xo

This little film is only part of Denise’s story. Denise shared so very much amazing information that you will love and be very helpful to many people so I have included a few bonus short audio pieces further below that extend on this story. Press play and watch this story first. It goes for 12 minutes. You will want to hear what happens believe me. It’s beautiful and unique.

Bonus short audio tracks

The orphanages in Cambodia rely solely on private donations to feed, clothe, school and hopefully give opportunities for a better future

To donate to Ben and Meg’s orphanages- Roteang Orphanage and Wat Opot Community

Cambodian Orphanage Fund BSB 704191 account no. 238336

or contact Denise Cooke


Voluntourism РPLEASE LISTEN TO THIS IF YOU HAVE EVER CONSIDERED VOLUNTEERING IN AN ORPHANAGE OVERSEAS OR ADOPTING OVERSEAS РBE INFORMED. This is really important and one of the most important things I learnt from Denise.

Here are a couple of other links that Denise suggested taking a look at also in relation to Voluntourism

Produced by Liz Arcus
Photos taken in Cambodia were supplied by Denise Cooke. All other imagery is by Liz Arcus Photography

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  • Carrie Cheng - This is so deeply beautiful. What an amazing love story. My heart is warmed with this tale, yet my eyes well up with tears! Denise and her voice are astounding! Felt like I should have been watching this documentary on tv. Thank you Liz and Denise for sharing something so wonderful and personal.ReplyCancel

    • Liz - Thank you Carrie. Oh yes, a love story for sure. I was so moved by Denise’s story that I just had to do a story for her. A documentary bigger on this may happen one day. In a few years time, I may accompany Denise and the children back to visit the families and orphanages in Cambodia. You never know where that may end up. There was so much to this story that is why I included the extra audio. Thank you for taking a look.ReplyCancel

  • Liz - A comment from Denise –
    “Liz! Its so beautiful. I know the story so well but you still managed to make me cry listening to it. Kids and i watched it together on the couch and they both giggled and shuusshed each other when they heard themselves. Meg was especially cute,-almost shy infront of us to see herself. We have watched it a few times trying to find our favourite bits! My favourite bit is the way you finished it off. “I love my life”.
    I cant wait to share it. I have a talk coming up next month to a church group. It’s gunna rock the house!

  • Jasmine - This story moved me to tears. Thank you for telling it. So beautiful.ReplyCancel

    • Liz - Jasmine,
      It was an amazing story to first hear and I just knew that I needed to preserve it and share it with others. It was so beautiful to do and I cried lots too.
      Thank you for watching and having a look at everything. Please share with others that you think may like it or benefit from it.
      Thank you Jasmine.

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