Eid celebrations in Shepparton

The other day I was very fortunate to join in the Eid celebration at SELC (the Shepparton English Language Centre).
The music and joy is still very much in my heart. I love celebrations like this

Eid is the breaking of the fast for Ramadan . You can read more about Eid here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eid_al-Fitr

SELC is way more than just a language centre. It has the feeling of a home, not just a school. Many ex-students love to return whenever they can to share in events or dancing or the soccer team and more. There are so many wonderful things happening there with an amazing bunch of students and staff. It is a wonderful place for new arrivals.

I will share more with you from SELC throughout the year as I will be spending time there making a documentary film over the next 6-8months or however long it takes.

I have not included any photos of the girls at SELC here as I do not have their permission but I can assure you they had just as much fun.

I also joined the Baqiri family in Shepparton home to celebrate Eid



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