Eilidh and Steve’s Wedding – Jan Juc, Victoria


Before we got married, Steve and I sat down and spoke about what we really wanted in the day – great food, great music and most importantly great people. On top of that, we wanted the day to reflect us – chilled, relaxed, outdoors and lots of a games to play! Now sitting here a couple of months later, we definitely had a day that we will never look back on with regret and will think of fondly.

Firstly, getting married on the beach was so fun! It’s a special spot for us and there was no hesitation that this was the place we would make our public dedication to each other. Our prayers were answered with the most glorious sunny weather (You would never had thought two days prior Geelong was hit with a huge storm).

Secondly, we love all our special touches. Meeting through Red Frogs, we honoured the ministry in the best way we knew how – with the very classic “chill out zone” and “hydration station”. We had an endless supply of red frogs, water, donuts, and areas to relax and hang out. Spending a lot of our down-time playing games together, we knew we wanted to add that to our special day. It was awesome seeing people gather for a (slightly competitive) round of monopoly deal, uno, bocce and Kan Jam. Over the year of our engagement, we gathered decorations and resources from garage sales or op-shops. Steve being the handy and very talented carpenter he is, added his special touches making a lot of our bits and pieces- he built both the arches, refurbished wine barrels, made the guest book frame. It was great seeing all the things we spent time collecting, placed around Ravens Creek.

Thirdly, and most importantly, we had the best people there (little biased). Steve and I vowed to always live in community and our wedding day really reflected the community we love so much. We are so blessed to be a part of The Forrester and Rittmeyer Clans. We celebrated with people from all stages of our lives. We had childhood friends, friends of the families, high-school friends, uni friends, fellow Red-Froggers, friends and mentors from church. Everyone mingled and chatted and the place was just filled with lots of laughter.

We want to thank you all for the contribution you play in our lives, both as individuals and a couple. We love you. Finally, we want to thank Liz. You see such beauty in all people, and celebrate the uniqueness in them. You care about community, and you stand for equality and diversity. Thank you Liz for capturing the unique qualities of our lives, the things that make us ‘us’ and the community we love so much.

Lots of love, The Rittmeyer’s. x


I encourage you to press play and listen to a story from Eilidh and Steve whilst you take a look at their wedding day.

Jan Juc Beach - the evening before the wedding


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