Family photography to me is a celebration and capturing a slice of time.

To me a family portrait is not just one image,but rather about a collection of moments telling a story of who you are and what you love to do, in a place you live or love.  Although based in Shepparton, (central Victoria, Australia) I love travelling to all areas, get in contact with me and let’s work it out. liz@lizarcus.com or phone 0407861303 asap.

Watch and hear a family day in a life documentary session from Detroit.

the center of my world .. from Liz Arcus on Vimeo.

Denise, Ben and Meg – a Cambodian Adoption Story from Liz Arcus Photography on Vimeo.

a day in a life session I did in Sydney – water water water seems to be the theme of this hot day in Sydney – have a watch

A day in the life of Ian, Louise, Ben and Emily from Liz Arcus Photography on Vimeo.

and another family session – slice of time session for you

A walk around with Jo and Clarissa from Liz Arcus on Vimeo.

slice of time session from Sydney

A Sunday with the Thorp family from Liz Arcus Photography on Vimeo.

Why do I do what I do ?  I would give anything to step back in time to have someone photograph me growing up with my brother and sister, mum and dad at the home that we grew up in, in Sydney. I would love to see those special places in our yard, in our home with our things, doing what we loved to do together as a family. When my mum died 13 years ago of Leukemia, the first thing I went searching for was photos. I was devastated to find that we didn’t even have one photo of us all together and we certainly didn’t have our story. I found one studio photo of my brother, sister and I wearing clothes we don’t normally wear, all dressed up sitting on some sort of posing blocks – my mum and dad are NOT in it and that photo showed nothing of who we truly were at all. I would give anything to have our story captured at home but I don’t. This is why I am so passionate about capturing families in the way that I do. This is what I want you to have – give me a call now but please don’t wait, we never know when it can be too late. Phone Liz on +61 407 861303

I have many images to share with you here on my website so you can get a very good idea of what I can do for you. If you connect with what you see, I look forward to meeting you.

Please visit my family posts on my blog at http://www.lizarcus.com/category/portrait/family/

Decorating the tree brings lots of memories …… from Liz Arcus on Vimeo.