Final Service and Farewell to Pastor Matt

For twelve years Matt Anker was Pastor to the community of the Lutheran Church of St Paul’s in Shepparton but now it’s time to move on to a different role. He will be very missed. 


You may also recognise his name and the community from the ABC Story, The Little Church That Grew. Take a look here 

Here is a little of Pastor Matt’s last day at St Paul’s
including a surprise gift of his beloved motorcycle being restored to working condition again after a very long time…. 


Attempting to hold back tears I took this little selfie of Matt and I. Most of the time I’m on the other side of the camera but thought it was about time we had one together. “Thank you Matt for welcoming,supporting and encouraging me and others over the time you have been in Shepparton(even though we may not be part of the Lutheran Church). Your work in community has inspired me and taught me much. We will miss you and your family” Liz

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