Hannah & Scotty’s Wedding at Chateau Dore, Bendigo

Hannah and Scotty were married at and celebrated their reception at the beautiful Chateau Dore, Bendigo. We were so lucky that the rain didn’t totally rain us out. I’ll let Hannah tell you a little more…..

Some thoughts from the bride

“I woke up in the morning feeling relaxed, excited and most importantly… well slept. Today was the day we had been planning for over a year and a day I’d dreamt of for a lot longer.

 The weather had looked unpredictable all week. Scotty arrived at the ceremony and due to a down pour of rain had to sit in the car and hope I wasn’t turning into bridezilla.

The sun was shining as we left my house and it followed us on the drive… all the way to the ceremony.

 My most memorable moment was arriving in the bridal cars, lining up with my 4 beautiful bridesmaids and watching them all do their hard practiced walk down the aisle.

I loved it all.. from walking down the aisle with my dad, to saying our vows, our first kiss, bridal photos, and our first dance.

Scotty’s favourite part of the day was watching all the girls walk down the aisle and our first kiss.

 At the reception when we were eating our mains, Scotty turned to me and said “Can you believe this is our wedding?”

We both took a moment to look up and take in what was happening around us, watching all our closest friends and family enjoying OUR WEDDING DAY! I remember that moment like it was yesterday.

 We finally head off on our honeymoon next week, destination…. Thailand!”




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