Harvest Festival

There is a little place that’s dear to me, that feels like home and welcomes me – it’s the Rodney Neighbourhood Kindergarten, Mooroopna, Victoria. Although I haven’t been a parent at the kinder for a long long time, I revisit time and time again. Jamile and Jaiman came here to Kindergarten and they remember it fondly. I am lucky enough to photograph the children here each year and even more so over the past 18months whilst I have been working on a documentary film. I look forward to sharing the film hopefully in Winter with past and present families together. It’s a very special little community and a Kindergarten based on Steiner principles. I am hoping to capture the essence of that in the film I am making. What I have learnt from being involved in this Kindergarten and the Steiner school that my daughter attended has impacted on me and my family’s life greatly. It is a perfect fit for us and what we believe in. Natural play and learning in creative ways nurturing the whole child is something that stands out to me the most when I think of Steiner philosophy. One thing that is instilled in right from the start is the celebration of seasons and the rhythm of the year. Last week the Kindergarten celebrated with a Harvest festival. Here is a little glimpse. I was mostly filming but these are just a few stills I took at Rodney Neighbourhood Kindergarten. You can join the facebook page (which I run) to keep up with the latest news of the Kinder and parenting articles, craft and Steiner related articles.

Seasonal tables are a special place in the kindergarten

Patiently waiting for the festival to begin

Seasonal song time

Holding hands we say, “thank you for our Autumn food, blessings on our meal”

Story time is a great way to end any festival

  • Lisa - Oh Liz…. every time I look at these photos it is as if I were there in that time and place again. Such a strong feeling for me attached to these photos as I love the details you have captured. thanksReplyCancel

    • Liz - Thank you Lisa. I am glad you feel this as that is definitely my aim when capturing anything. I LOVE days like this that bring the community together. xoReplyCancel

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