I did not know where the track would lead to ……

I had no idea where this little walk was even going to …..

It was a warm summer night a few weeks ago but something drew me to walk that way. There were hundreds of other tracks I could have taken but I was drawn to this one.

It was not about photographing at all but  my camera was in my hand in case I was prompted to take something. It was all about just being and breathing out. But I did just take a couple of photos, that is all. 

As I walked upon the sandy path I chose to walk as an empty vessel open to whatever comes and to savour in the gifts around me …


Piles that travellers had made along the way. There were hundreds of them


When I reached the end I gulped when I saw what I saw and blinked my eyes and shook my head a few times as I wasn’t sure if was I in a dream.
I had no idea that the little walk that would lead me to one of the most amazing sights I’d ever seen.

I was not alone once I reached this spot. I enjoyed observing the six others that were there. They were all german backpackers. One couple sat on a rock in silence taking photos of each other and the landscape. All but one of the others raced around from spot to spot with cameras and go pros and phones on sticks taking photos of each other and themselves in many weird and wonderful positions even managing cartwheels and handstands and leaps in the air on the edge of the rock platforms and highpoints as the others counted to three in German. But the remaining man,  an older man stood beside me smiling at the others sipping on the glass of water he had carried and eventually lent over and whispered to me, “I am sorry that they are all speaking german and jumping about”. I told him it didn’t bother me at all. I loved people and loved seeing other people enjoy themselves whatever that may be.  He seemed concerned that it may have disturbed my peace at the lookout. I assured him that it didn’t in any way.

I stayed and breathed out deeper and watched in wonder at the earth below and all around me exploring with my eyes, with my whole being and as the breeze turned cooler the colours changed from blue to yellow, to red and then sun kissed mother earth goodnight
It was one of the most amazing experiences I’d ever had.



As the darker night came we all walked the one kilometre track back to the carpark together and chatted to the Wolfe about life and travels and then parted ways with a smile.

I actually couldn’t believe that there was not more people. It was one of the most amazing lookouts I’d ever had the chance to be at at sunset.
I could only liken it to another amazing experience of the first time I was standing on top of Ubirr Rock in Kakadu, N.T 18 years ago but quite different landscapes.
This lookout was called ‘The Balconies’ in Gariwerd (the Grampians National Park, Victoria near Halls Gap) 

For me there is nothing like being in nature to truly nuture my heart and soul and recharge my whole being.

I was so grateful that a wedding to photograph the next day had brought me to this beautiful region.
I have travelled Australia extensively and this was the last remaining place on my list that I wanted to visit.
It certainly didn’t dissapoint and I explored a bit more the day after the wedding also. I sat with a waterfall for hours – have a look at http://www.lizarcus.com/personal/i-sat-with-the-waters-today


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