I sat with the waters today ….

I sat with the waters today ……. 


The journey of a waterfall is rather like our human life. Some parts move fast and other parts move slower. People are like this too – some go so fast rushing from point to point and others linger longer and allow their heartbeat to slow and rest upon mother earth.
Today I choose the course of the slow meandering waters being carried where my spirit and the energy of this land chooses for me


I look around and I see a little girl with a straw hat picking a yellow flower sitting on a rock smiling and feeling the petals. She bends down and picks another and gives it to her baby sister
I see a father take the shoes off a young child’s feet and sit holding them to feel the cool waters move.
I see people with arms around each other staring at the waterfall as if in a trance
I see some that are enticed by the waters so much that they have to ignore the no swimming sign and swim in to stand under the waterfall


For quite some time I sat on a log that had fallen across some waters in another part of the waters where there was no one else around. I closed my eyes and faced my palms to the sky feeling the waters spraying onto face and my hair ever so gently blowing in the breeze caressing my shoulders and I listened …….. to deep deep sounding waters…..It reminded me of buddhist monks chanting as they do ever so deeply and then it changed and sounded like people stamping and clapping at a concert and then it stilled and I could hear and feel no more as I drifted off completely…..


I watch a little shiny speckled lizard sitting on a rock and watch him breathe in and out
I watched a man sit cross legged on a rock with his eyes closed meditating in the middle of the waters
I see people with packs passing by enroute to another place
I see some just stop for a quick photo and move on just the same.


I breathe and smile and listen to the waters sitting here on the smooth warm red tinged rocks

Everyone had a choice to do as they please. Fast or slow like the waters. But everyone is touched by the waters in their own way.
Feeling blessed I walked back up the steep hill stopping along the way to pick a dandelion, then to blow it and make a wish .
I wished for people to feel peace in their heart and find time to visit nature and hear mother nature’s heartbeat then slow down to listen to their own heartbeat

As I continued walking in the hot sun with each step I listened to the sound of the waterfall drifting away softer and softer as the new symphony began full of crickets and birds and a few human voices


(this was a few weeks ago at Mc Kenzies Falls in Gariwerd – Grampians National Park, Victoria. You can see another little experience I had there one evening via a path that I had no idea where it would lead. Go to http://www.lizarcus.com/personal/i-did-not-know-where-the-track-would-lead-to )


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