in a dear little town called Mathoura ….

With her mum approaching 50 and her pop nearly 80, Zowie thought it was time to get together and have a little photo session at her pop’s house in a little town called Mathoura. The little town not only captured my heart but so did Zowie’s pop full of warmth and stories.

I photographed Zowie, her mum & her pop one lunchtime whilst we listened to Slim Dusty, one of his favourites and shared stories along the way.

The bond between Zowie and pop is so very strong, and reminded me of the bond I had between my grandmother and myself. The difference is that Zowie has a special photo session with her pop. I wish I did with my grandmother

Her pop’s favourite saying is ” A house is not a home, it’s the people inside who make it a home “   . So very true pop  (W.J Crump)



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