Justine, Tyrone & Madison

“From the moment Madison arrived, no one could wipe the smiles from our faces. Tyrone and I were excited, happy and nervous but couldn’t wait to take Madison home. We had waited in anticipation for the day to arrive and to find out if our baby was a boy or girl, which made it even more exciting! Until birth, Madison was known affectionately as “Sesame”. When we read the first update on our pregnancy progress, that was her size so we called her that all the way through. Madison is the cutest thing we have ever seen and such a bright, alert, happy girl that we now couldn’t live without (and neither could the grandparents, aunties and uncle!) It’s been a whirlwind since she was born. Madison was 4 weeks old in these photos (now 6 weeks). Time sure does fly and you need to cherish every moment. It is truly amazing becoming a parent for the first time. It is a rewarding, life changing experience. No one can explain to you (even though they try) exactly what it’s like, the trials and triumphs it brings and the love you feel for this new tiny person in your life. Once you’ve been there, you know what everyone was talking about and wouldn’t change it for the world.”

When Madison was born a relative of Tyrone’s gave him a giftbox with a blanket in it. He remembered having one just like it as a child and thought they had made one similar for Madison. Looking closer he found in the box a photo of himself and when he pulled the blanket out he realised it was the actual blanket that he had as baby. He had not seen it for many many years. Tyrone loved this blanket very much and loved wrapping up in it again.

  • Margaret Houlihan - Absolutely beautiful photos. Madison is beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Justine Bradley - Love them! Especially the bath ones, feeding and our family shots.
    I’m so glad we could take the opportunity to have these done being a previous wedding client of yours Liz. It’s a great offering you make to your clients.ReplyCancel

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