Karl and Maxine head to Noosa for some family time

Karl and Maxine’s families are spread near and far from one another so they booked the Kingfisher Manor in Noosa and hung out with each other for the week. They flew in from New Zealand and other parts of Australia to be together and have some fun. As a suprise to Karl, Maxine organised me to fly up and photograph them as Maxine’s gift to Karl. She only told him the the night before. I flew up, met them for the first time, instantly felt like I’d known them for ages and joined in the fun. I photographed parts of their Sunday as some came and went and did their own things. Lots of fun and laughs.

And ok here is one more for laughs – don’t ask why, but if you know the Karl snr and Karl jnr I am sure you will understand. I think this is the most unique father/son photo I’ve ever done.




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