Kat and Tim had a gaming and comic themed wedding in the Grampians

“Our wedding was epic!
We wanted to share everything we love with our family and friends to show them why we love each other.
We even had a jumping castle just because we are big kids at heart. The only thing that could have made the day better would have been if it had rained.
I am so lucky that I have married my gaming partner, my camping buddy, and my Dr Who marathon companion. He is and always will be my knight in shining armour. I even had ‘knight’ stitched in to the back of Tim’s shoes. That has to do with how we met.”

The wife’s story:
Sometimes in life people find themselves falling in to a deep dark hole, where the whole world is turned upside down. Where everything that once was right is so wrong, and no matter how hard you try you cant dig your self out. This was me before I met Tim.
Among a lot of other things that were going wrong at the end of 2009, relationships, work; I lost the most important person in my life, my Nana. She was that one person who was always there to lean on, the person that always made me feel loved. She coloured my world. Nana past away in the September and I felt like there would never be another rainbow and that all the love that would ever be had dried up forever.
I had become a very morbid person to the point I had stopped caring about everyone and everything. I was in a very dark place, that place where you feel so sorry for yourself that you forget the rest of the world exists. I wished and prayed for a knight in shining armor to come in and whisk me off my feet, and save me from myself. I wanted to be reminded how it felt to love and be loved….
And then Tim came in to my life.
One night, at my lowest point, a silly little chat site kept popping up on my phone when playing a game. I figured I might as well make a profile, make some new friends. A few days later ‘knight_shift_1977’ started talking to me. After a few days of communicating back and forth we decided to catch up and play the PlayStation together. Turned out that ‘knight_shift_1977’,who I now knew as Tim, only lived a few streets away from me. What were the chances?
First time I met Tim I remember thinking that this guy was no ordinary guy. From the moment I walked in to his house on that first day he didn’t stop talking. Normally people take time to warm up to each other…but not Tim. He spoke to me like he had known me for years. And he liked everything that I did!
I had been sent a Knight to rescue me!
From day one Tim changed my world for the good. He has shown me how much colour there is in the world and how joyful life can be. He has reminded me that life is not worrying what happened yesterday or stressing about work or bills, its about living today and doing what makes you happy no matter what happens.
Some of our most treasured memories were created in the rain, like the image of Tim down on one knee in the pouring rain asking me to be his wife.
When it came to setting the date for our wedding Tim asked me if I wanted to use my Nanas birthday because he knew how much she meant to me. This is why 12/13/14 was chosen. It also turned out that this date would be the last consecutive date in our lifetime.
Looking back now at our life so far it feels like such a dream, a wonderful fairytale dream, and I cant wait for the next chapter to start.”

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