Kate and Kimmy

Kate and Kimmy were gifted this session after they responded to a blog post last year. Please have a read here http://www.lizarcus.com/beloved/together .  Thank you Kate and Kimmy for being so open with your relationship. I hope this will encourage others to do the same. My wish is for all couples to be treated as equals with the same rights and respect that I have. Love is for everyone.

“Kimmy can be quite romantic when she wants to be!
The first home we lived in together we did so very simply and for 12 months with no dining table. One night after work I walked into the house to find dinner on a picnic blanket on the floor surrounded by candles. The whole house was litup by tiny little tea light candles. It was so sweet! ” Kate.

” We always say if there were such thing as love at first sight we had it”
“The feelings that I felt when I realised we were more than friends blew my mind then and still do when I think about it now. It was scary but exciting. I felt nervous but wanted to be brave. I felt like everything in my world was perfect and nothing could make me feel otherwise as long as she was a part of it. She made me want to give everything of myself, which is something I thought I had forgotten to do. Thinking back to that time makes all the feelings come rushing back so strong that almost everytime it brings me to tears” Kate.

“She makes me laugh when we are mucking around doing stupid things like when we went out and bought water pistols and had a water fight” Kimmy.

” I remembered feeling so scared when I proposed. I wanted everything to be perfect. I took her to her favourite place in the world and remember holding the ring box in my pocket. I pull out the ring and Kate freaks out, she starts walking backwards and couldn’t speak but neither could I. I froze for words and a single tear ran down my face. I choked out …. you can take it. ” Kim.
” She was sooooo nervous! and it was pretty adorable actually. I didn’t think Kim would ever be lost for words!” Kate.

” I knew we had a connection instantly” Kimmy.

“The first thing I noticed about Kimmy was how confident she was. She seemed so comfortable in her own skin… like she knew exactly who she was and she totally owned it! It also is probably the one character trait of hers that I wish I had. That and her carefree attitude. I wish I could care less about other people and their opinions” Kate.

“Days off together are always a rarity due to the line of work Kim is in, resulting in quality time between us being rare also. That’s why I feel most loved by Kimmy when we are simply spending time at home just the two of us. We love snuggling up watching movies, spending time in the kitchen together and sitting quietly reminiscing about our first meeting and how good it felt when we realised our feelings towards each other were mutual.”

“The sweetest thing Kate has ever done is when I called in sick because I was exhausted and she took me away to a themed hotel to escape from the world” Kimmy.

Kate and Kimmy found gifts for each other in just a few minutes right where we were, each representing to each other that they thought each other was so natural, beautiful and one of a kind …..

“I have never and will never meet anyone like Kimmy” . Kate

“I fell in love with Kimmy because she is exciting, sensitive, honest and she makes me want to better myself always. She puts everyone’s needs before her own and never expects anything in return. The time spent with her has been honest and true and I can’t think of anyone I would rather spend present and my future with. She has a beautiful soul and I cherish and adore her and everything she is.” Kate.

“Whether it’s organising a surprise night out together or lying awake next to me while I fall asleep, every day she continues to do things that make me love her more and more” Kate.

” I fell in love with Kate because she is such an amazing, beautiful, caring and loving person. Words can’t describe how perfect and incredible she is” Kimmy.

“The first thing I noticed about Kate was that I recognised her and I thought she was beautiful. She had the complexion of a porcelain doll.”
” I feel most loved when I have to work and can’t sleep, she will cuddle me and stroke my hair to try and get me to sleep”. Kimmy.

“The photo session with liz was so fun but emotionally intense. Making memories that we can see was like having a fire inside me that made me love Kate more than I thought possible.” Kimmy


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