Kind – that is the word to describe my dad
















Today is Father’s Day and this is my dad and I. Happy Father’s Day Dad xo

This photo was taken a couple of years ago on a picnic – it looks like it’s quite cold the way we are rugged up. It doesn’t matter what the season is we’d still always go and have fun – simple fun. Picnics are one of my greatest joys. (It’s not some fancy restaurant or anything like that). Dad has taken the family on many many picnics in my life. He has taken us on many adventures most of them in the great outdoors – camping, bushwalking and canoeing. I am sure my love of nature comes from you Dad, thank you. I look forward to many more.

KIND – The best word to describe my dad is Kind. If you met him you would know what I mean. My dad taught me to be kind just by doing what he does, just by being who he is. I appreciate that greatly. One of the most beautiful things I have seen you is give the little but beautiful gift of a foil emu or a swan. All my life I have seen you do this. Quietly and gently you just go about making these little gifts and give them to people you know and strangers alike, or leave them in a place for someone to find as a gift to help someone smile. I love that about you. This is just one example of the kind and thoughtful things you do. (Jaiman and I loved making this little film of you and your foil emus and swans ) .

Do You Have Some Alfoil? from I Am Jaiman on Vimeo.

Unlike this old blurry photo below my memories of  you Dad and the fun we have shared (and continue to share) are sharp as a tack. How could I forget such beautiful memories? I couldn’t ! I love you dad, Happy Father’s Day xo



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