Michael & Sherah’s Wedding at Killeen Station

Michael and Sherah were married at one of my favourite places in this region – Killeen Station, in the Strathbogie Ranges near Longwood.

” 7th December 2013

We couldn’t have hoped for a more perfect day in every way. I think for us the most defining moment was the first glimpse we caught of each other on that sunny December day. The setting was magic and to finally watch everything unfold was incredible. Its such an amazing feeling to see all your plans come together.

 For me as the bride seeing my handsome Groom await me was the moment I have always dreamed of. The warmth of Mike’s smile and the look on his face as I walked down the aisle was incredible and will never be replaced. I also felt overwhelmingly blessed by being in the presence of so many people that I have held so dear over my life. To see the faces of those who have been a part of shaping and blessing my life to bring me to this point in time was truly touching and I was humbled by the amazing sense of love I felt.

 We were also incredibly grateful to Liz for sneaking us away from the reception for a brief moment to have photos beside the barn. Those moments were magic. Listening to the laughter inside and feeling the completeness between us and we embraced that moment alone together was incredible and will never be forgotten.

Shazz and Mike “

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