Michelle, Michael and Skyla

“If you believe, all things are possible”. This is Michelle’s favourite quote. Watch this story and you will see why.

Once in a while a family comes along and asks you to make their story that touches you extra deeply. This is one of them.
The joy, the fun, the love that the Grossi family shares is beautiful.
Michelle, Michael and Skyla shared an afternoon in their garden as they often do, when the rain came down we ventured inside for a little bit, but the sun came out again and we played some more.

Press play above to listen and watch a beautiful story. What you see below is only a part of their story, their story they share with you by pressing play on the above link is amazing.

And some bonus audio for you that was not included in the story above but such a beautiful song by Michelle and Skyla – here you go – have a listen

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  • Michelle O'Bree Grossi - Thank you Liz for making “our story” such a delight and treasured keepsake. Words can’t really explain how we feel about this beautifully presented story about 2 ordinary people, albeit different in some aspects and the little family we created. You were sent to us so that we could really appreciate the special bond we three share. This will be in our family for many years to come and hopefully passed down through the generations. We are just so proud of “our story”. Your heart and soul is also in this production dear Liz.The special gift of your story telling enhanced our little story and made it so very unique and joyous! Love and light to you amazing lady. You are a treasure and an absolutely beautiful soul. Any one that is to cross your path is blessed by your uplifting aura, as we have all been. Love from Michelle, Michael & Skyla xoxoxoReplyCancel

    • Liz - Michelle, it was my absolute pleasure. I am choking up big time on your thoughts and words you have shared here. I don’t know quite how to respond fully but I am so pleased to have preserved a little part of your lives to pass down through the generations. Thank you for asking me to make this story for you and thank you for the gift of your new friendship. Sending you you love and light today and always xoReplyCancel

  • Nickee Freeman - Thank you Liz & the Grossi family for sharing this beautiful story of love & joy xoReplyCancel

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