Nina and Clint – Strathbogie Ranges, Victoria

” I first noticed that Clint had the most gorgeous blue eyes and these big, friendly dimples.

I felt comfortable with him from the first moment I met him. He has a way of making people feel at ease around him. “

” I feel most loved when we get time to just relax and time becomes unimportant.

Sometimes we just lay down together for awhile. Time where we can just ‘be’.

Or we play or I get her to laugh uncontrollably with my stupid humour – she is one of the rare people who actually gets my humour. “

Nina’s hidden talent –

” She is excellent at identifying mustangs and classic cars.

I definitely did something right to have a fiance that knows more about muscle cars than I do ” says Clint .  

Clint’s hidden talent  –

” Clint has an awesome voice. It is really something else.

I have only ever heard him sing one full song, and I was absolutely blown away by how strong and powerful his wonderful voice is.

Occasionally, he’ll break into song but it is a rare occurrence. I hope to be able to coax more songs out of him in our future together ” says Nina.

” The most romantic thing Clint has done for me was planning how he would propose to me, right down to the last detail.

He arranged for us to go to Mount Buffalo and for us to visit the ‘love bridge’ (which is where Clint first told me he loved me).

Looking back in hindsight, he might have been slightly edgy at the time, I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

We played in the snow and on the way back down the mountain heading home,

he stopped at my favourite waterfall and that’s where he asked me to marry him,

presenting me with a beautiful ring.

My first reaction was shock, and initially, I just shook my head at him, I couldn’t believe what he was saying.

He thought I was declining his proposal but it was just shock on my behalf! “

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  • dana - Oh, Liz. Once again you have captured the essence of the love this couple shares. And I love the swimming/waterfall locale! Beautiful! xoReplyCancel

    • Liz - Thank you Dana. They are a lovely couple. I love that place, perhaps someday I can take you there, when you visit Australia xoReplyCancel

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