PART 1 – Shoeb and Nadia’s Bangali Wedding

Shoeb shares –

“We are originated from Bangladesh (neighbour of India) and our wedding programs held in a traditional style with full of cultural, spiritual and religious manner.
We live in Sydney, however, most of my family members live in VIC and all of them want me to get married in there rather than Sydney. Many of my friends from Sydney drove through to VIC to attend the ceremony. I am grateful to all my family members, friends and well-wishers and of course to Liz  to put such a wonderful effort to make the events special and memorable for us.
Day 1: Gaye Holud & Henna: The first day of wedding program was Gaye Holud & Henna. We have arranged the program in one day and together. All the relatives received us and we were focused in the stage. I wear a traditional Panjabi, Pagama 77 Sandal & my  wife wear Sharee and flower ornaments. Both of her hands were full of nicely painted by Mehedi (Henna).  Our core family members tighten the RAKHI  in our hands and blessed us. The stage, walls, floors and surrounding were full of decorations and it was beautiful and really well decorated. After wearing the RAKHI everyone start putting Holud in our forehead and face one by one and bless us. After the blessing we get ready for delicious food. The tables were full of traditional Bangladeshi food. We had Chotpoti, Fuska, different types of Pitha, Birani, Kebab, Naan, sweets and soft drinks. After the food we had the music and traditional game event. We have done the lotteries among the guest and family members and they have to perform what they got in the lotteries and it is full of fun.”

You can now see part 2 of 3 at…/part-2-shoeb-and-nadias-bangali…
Part 3 will be ready soon and when it is I will put the link here.


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