Part 2 – Shoeb & Nadia’s Bangali wedding including a visit to Hurlstone Gardens before day two’s ceremony

It bucketed down most of the afternoon but we still managed to slip out to Hurlstone Gardens for about twenty minutes for some photos before the next ceremony (which you will see further below)

(You can see part 1 of Shoeb and Nadia’s wedding here…/part-1-shoeb-and-nadias-bangali…)

Shoeb shares some more –
Day 2: Nikha
This is the day where both of us take vow in front of marriage celebrant (kazi) and all of us do the Dua (pray). I wear a gorgeous Pangabi, Sandal & Tupi and my wife were a gorgeous Lehanga with full of ornaments. After taking the vow all the guest serviced by sweet and after the Dua all of us go for a traditional delicious dinner.

setting up skype for Nadia’s family to watch in Bangladesh

Paperwork and negotiations are an important part of this ceremony

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