Rangoli for Ratna’s and Martin’s Wedding

Yesterday afternoon I joined Ratna, her sister and mother (who are visiting from India), and Martin’s sister and sister in law as they did Rangoli for the Ratna’s wedding that is being celebrated today. I had never seen this done and it was very special to be there. I even had a little tiny go myself. The chalk like substance is different textures for different parts. It felt silky like cornflour for the pink part, but more gritty and thicker with a touch of sparkle where you see the other colours here.

As the women worked together Ratna talked about growing up and learning how to do Rangoli and how they would have Rangoli making competitions in India.

To slow down and do this on the eve of the wedding must have been lovely for  the women.

I am very much looking forward to photographing Martin and Ratna’s wedding today at Mitchelton Winery.Dean from Mitchelton Winery was very welcoming to everyone and loved the Rangoli they were making for the entrance areas.


  • MBS Sastry - Excellent integration of Indian and Australian cultures, retaining the sanctity of both. My compliments to Martin and Ratna and the entire team.

    My special compliments to all the family members, relatives and friends who made the occassion a grand and memorable oneone

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