Remembering my mum on Mother’s Day

This photo is so very special to me. This is a photo of my mum holding me when I was 1 week old. This is one of the very few photos I have of my mum and I.


 Today I remember my mum and so many wonderful things she did for me and my family.

Thank you so very much Mum

Happy Mother’s Day  xxx


My mum’s name is Susanne (known as Sue)


When I close my eyes, some of the memories that come straight to mind are :-

I remember seeing her often in the kitchen cooking something for us – often trying a new recipe from the Women’s Weekly recipe books.

I remember her taking us to our after school sports like swimming or tennis, and waiting so patiently whilst we had our lessons

I remember her always always there at every school event and with my dear Grandmother, we called her Mimi

I remember her always there for everyone that needed her – helping out wherever she could

I remember picnics – picnics were perhaps some of my most favourite memories of mum because they seemed to be the only time she stopped still (as all the food had been prepared before the picnic)

I remember walks in the Blue Mountains

I remember going off for drives just for the sake of going for a drive and the wonderful places we would visit,  – chatting and laughter  together ….

I remember on a stormy day how she would pack us up in the car, take us kids to Curl Curl beach to watch the huge waves crash upon the rocks whilst we ate hot chips in the car fogging up the windows

I remember on a hot steamy summer’s night that we would drive to Artarmon, pick up Mimi & go for a drive down through Wakehurst Parkway down through all the ferns and trees where it was cooler near Narrabeen Lake – then go home again and sleep easier

I remember how we took ferry rides from Many to Circular Quay and back again in the evening in our pyjamas, to relax,cool down then come home and sleep better

I remember her famous pavlovas (many people asked her to make them for them- she would get up early in the morning – we would her the mixmaster  and run out to be the first to ask to lick the beaters)

I remember her smile and kind eyes …..

these are just a few of the memories that are in my mind right now.


But above all I remember a beautiful lady that was a friend to so many…..


Thank you mum for teaching me to enjoy & celebrate the simple things in life and to love & help others.


When my mum died 8 years ago of Leukemia i went searching through photos to find a photo of her and I .

I searched for a long time until I found one  . This photo is the only one I could find, and I am 1 week old in the photo.

I so wish i had more of my mum & I. I so wish I had more family photos.

 This very much drives me to photograph families – and make sure I take photos of you with your mum.

 Today my dad is taking  a Mother’s day card to my mum in a dear little cemetery, at Parkesbourne, NSW just near dad’s farm.  When mum died I started making cakes and having picnics with her in the cemetery (especially on special occasions) and inviting the family to visit with me too. I live 6 hours from there and can’t be there today. But my dad has organised a picnic with my brother & his family.  They are taking a cake with the words Happy Mother’s day on the top and will picnic alongside her and the many other relatives in that dear little country cemetery in the middle of (seemingly) nowhere to most people but a very special place to us. The only thing in Parkesbourne apart from farms is a little church, a little church hall, the cemetery, a tincy bit of bitumen road and one street light. The little cemetery is a place of many family reunions i had growing up - a place of family.

 Today I will spend Mother’s day with my children doing the simple special things we love to do but mainly just hanging out together. This afternoon I plan to read some of my mum’s short stories that I found last year. They are not pieced together as one story, but I hope to put them together over time and share with all the family. She never shared these short stories with us when she was alive, such a treasure to find. An afternoon of lying on the floor reading the short stories, I am smiling big time 🙂


Wishing you all a very Happy Mother’s day…..


What do you love or remember about your mum?

Close your eyes and remember

Feel free to share your memories here, I would love to read about them  



  • Liz - My sister Georgie, sent me an email and wanted me to post this here for her –
    ” I remember always being on picnics. I remember going on holidays in the bush – Watagan Forest , blue mountains, south coast, gold coast – either in tent or jayco swan caravan. I remember bush walks in the blue mountains and jindabyne. I remember mum always being there for us, no matter how naughty we had been. I remember NYE dress us parties and all the preparation that went into them – she loved these parties and entertaining – ironic she died on NYE. I remember mum being such a compassionate open hearted person who would do anything and everything for anyone. I don’t think I’m being bias when I say , I don’t know of any other mother and father for that fact, that come even close to we we have with our parents – we are very lucky. Happy mothers day mum! I miss you xo ” Georgie Arcus.ReplyCancel

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