Sarah, Nick, Aroha and Ayla’s Euroa Butter Factory Wedding

What a fun wedding! With a ceremony and celebration with LOTS of dancing under the stars at the Euroa Butter Factory. A great night was had by all especially Sarah, Nick, Aroha and Ayla 🙂
With the bride being the DIY Queen doing all the flowers, decorations and logistics for both the wedding and the brunch, it surely was AMAZING! I have no idea how she managed to do soooo much. Wow, Go Girl!
I love that Sarah, Nick, Aroha and Ayla who live in Melbourne were tossing up between Tasmania & New Zealand for their wedding weekend and in the end they chose the Strathbogie area. Many guests travelled from overseas to celebrate with Sarah & Nick this weekend.
The weekend concluded with brunch at ‘Brooklands’, Ruffy.

“After 8 years and two amazing daughters together, Nick and I decided it was time to make things “official.” With our loved ones spread far and wide, my family in New Zealand, Nick’s in Tassie and close friends overseas, we wanted to bring them all together, show them an amazing fun time, and share our story with them. Also our kids were also keen to dress up like princesses and enjoy a bit of cake and crazy dancing. Can’t say no to that.

I definitely had a vision for the event and once we saw the Euroa Butter Factory I knew there was nowhere else I could have my wedding. I wanted a relaxed informal vibe with a focus on fun. I found my dress on Etsy a year earlier for a ridiculous 120 euros. It’s French vintage from the 50’s and I love it. Unfortunately the lace and tulle is old and delicate and got ripped during the crazy lifts in the dancing. Totally worth it. Similarly I found Nicks vintage vest for 28 euros and got it shipped from Latvia. Fit him like a glove of course, no adjustments necessary. I swear that man could double as a shop manikin. A wonderful work friend of mine made the cake as a wedding gift bless her, and I did the styling and flowers.

Pre wedding various people told me I was insane, especially when I told them I was doing the post-wedding brunch and all the flowers myself. “Don’t you think you should just relax and be a bride?” They said. I wasn’t sure what that meant but I was having fun being manic. Not only was I organising a wedding, but also a self-catered brunch at a different rural location, a floristry afternoon and dinner with my best friends the night before, and leaving on a road trip with my sisters the day after. I spent months making candles from old tea cups and vintage glass found in oppshops, brewing up jars of quince paste and chutney, collecting vintage serving dishes, tableclothes, vases and jars, baking and freezing food, and learning floristry of course. Nick watched all this bemused, shaking his head, bemoaning all the junk in the house. He couldn’t begin to imagine what it was all for and clearly thought I had lost it, though he was a good sport when it came to modelling practice floral hair wreaths for me. My best friend Ben arrived from France a few weeks before the big day and helped me pull all the last details together. Whew thank god for having a man of honour who understood my rustic-vintage vision. Ben and our MC’s Abby and Joe were literally throwing the last table deocrations and flowers together just before the guests arrived.

The day itself was amazing and surpassed all expectations. The weather was gorgeous, the food and wine incredible, the best of any wedding I’ve attended. The venue stunning. The staff at the butter factory were incredible as were my army of helpers for both the brunch and wedding and I can’t thank them enough. We had the cutest flower girls and the two best best men (no bias here). The amazing pictures Liz has taken really say it all. One that stands out to me is of my mum throwing her arms in the air in sheer excitement and satisfaction as Nick slides threw my legs in the finale to our dance routine. Priceless. The whole event was just fun! The most fun I’ve ever had. We had such a hilarious time that I woke up at 4.30am on the Sunday laughing, reliving some of the moments on the dance floor and could not get back to sleep.

My only regret is that I messed up the start of the robot in our “bridal waltz” ruining the perfect synchronicity of the move, also that the day couldn’t go on forever. Other than that it was perfect.”

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