Serana and Bruce’s Love fest – Dookie, Victoria

‘Welcome to the love fest’ the sign said as you entered Dookie that day,
And a love fest it was…..
As the day rolled into night with the gentleness of a slow moving river and a beautiful song
Serana and Bruce celebrated with family and friends in the town so dear to them, Dookie.


“Still waters run deep,

And when two rivers meet

There is no urgency

Except the sturdy urging of the earth.



or echoes from upstream,

swirl and jostle

and quieten down

As the river smoothes the granite

that it moves across and round.


Neither storm clouds nor the oceans know

How – or how far — a river’s course may run

But we can stop

and watch

and know

The place where two rivers become one.”



“Having this beautiful, kind man walk by my side is a life changer! I never thought I’d find someone who could fit into my unconventional and rural life but miraculously I did! Bruce sees more in me than I ever did and his love and support helps to settle me into this life with a contentment and healing that I have never before experienced.

He is big hearted and big spirited, kind, sensible, creative, intelligent and utterly gorgeous. He wrote our vows and the entire ceremony and his love for me blows me away.

Our wedding day in Dookie was a public declaration and celebration of our knowing that we will spend the rest of our lives together. A day blessed with sunshine, family, friends and community that set the tone for what will no doubt be an extraordinary life together.”





“Dear Liz,

you are a lovely person to have around—at any time—and especially when there is a need for a calming, steadying influence!—You exude an appreciative loving-kindness that helps to create the atmosphere to take the most unique pictures.

—and we loved the way you adapted to whatever was going on–

Bride not ready? – Go see the groom.
Groom on phone to bride’s sister asking her to bring the succulent button-hole that he has left on the kitchen table? –Unphased, you quietly go about your process..
Groom’s nephew arrives, with camera, to take some extra shots? – The two of you have a playful shoot off!
And during the actual ceremony we didn’t even notice you– but you got such lovely shots!
And then when we got to the quarry and we realised we’d left Zac and Jimmy behind playing footy round the back of the hall, you volunteered to go and find them and bring them up to the quarry – you were a calming influence and while someone else went to round up the boys, you got some beautiful shots of my niece and nephew playing in the lake, and our friends and family enjoying the quarry!

You handled everything with such aplomb!
• the bride’s pre-wedding jitters,
• the groom’s tendency to ‘come to attention’,
• the wrangling of festive family members,
• the transition from house to house
• to hall to street
• to walk to oval
• to quarry to the fire
• to the feast to the dancing after the feast

you smooth-sailed through all with patience and dexterity—bravo!

Liz, we enjoyed the time we spent with you, we love the stories your pictures tell, and we look forwards to enjoying them for many many years to come.

Lots of love,

Bruce and Serana”

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