Simone & Will’s Wedding at Bendigo Pottery


One of Simone’s marriage rules she’d like to share with you –
“He/She who is out of bed first makes the coffee”

“Planning a wedding is hard. Especially when you throw in full time jobs, full time study and life. But you wouldn’t of known that on our wedding day, it went off without a hitch, and if there was a hitch we didn’t notice it because we were having so much fun surrounded by our family and friends and on our day that included Liz, the photograpther who seemlessly integrated herself with our family and friends so well that half the time we forget that she was there to photograph the wedding and not just another guest.

Our favourite memory of the day was escaping everyone with just Liz and my Dad and having a picnic together in the local botanical gardens, practicing our dance between the trees, stealing kisses in the tall grasses by the pond and Liz catching Dad playing pokemon go”

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