Born U.K    Lives in Victoria

Study light movement and “Man’s” declining love for it’s self and our sweet mother earth….. but in the concept of true time……we may not be the ultimate of what creation can achieve… so when the next stepping stone is stepped, my nike running shoes could just be a flowerpot full of flowers that know how to care…there there..”nil carb”…….. steriojoe


 A poem from steriojoe   – The jist


25 04 05—tweaked 22 6 2012


Borders bursting, over spill,

Dead-end streets on cardboard hill,

Billions spent on wonder pill,

Cars need feeding at any price,

So burn the lot and free the mice!


The sun has power to heat the bread,

Not much used when thousands fed,

The stars are far, there’s a reason why,

Zillions spent to break free from the sky.


Clouds give water to grow our things,

But when it gets angry lighting sings.

Telling us where the power lies,

Not in our guns but in the skies.


This moving skin we live upon,

Will still be moving if we are gone.

if city streets turn to sand,

Trees will grow to retake the land.


Maybe the ice will melt to cool things down?

Maybe the mice will rise to claim the crown?

It may freeze like the prophets say,

Or a rock will come one sunny day.


For a lucky few, a clean new slate,

Willing to love, not knowing hate,

New ozone layer, no acid rain,

No wonder pill to mask the pain,

No bloody wars, no unheard cries,

No false prophets spinning lies.



(These images are just a little bit of what steriojoe shared with me on a short visit some time ago, you may see more from him again here sometime when I get the chance to visit him again.)



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