Tanya and her children – a breastfeeding session + a little bit more

Tanya asked me to capture something special for her of Thegn and her as she breastfed to remember this special time in their lives. And then we took a few more photos with most of the other children .

“I love the feeling of nurturing my newborn babes, as soon as they are born the instinct to feed and be fed is very strong for both mother and baby. I think as creatures of modern society mothers can find breastfeeding difficult to pursue for any longer than a few months (if that). As I had more children I found extended breastfeeding so easy and relaxing, it became my out from the rush that parenting can be. My youngest is 2 and he and I have a very strong breastfeeding relationship. He feeds for many different reasons, comfort, hunger, boredom and to put himself to sleep. I love sitting quietly with him, running my fingers through his curly hair and watching his little eyes grow heavy as he is comforted by being held safely by his mother. I know there will come a day when I will look back on this time and I will miss the bonding one-on-one time that comes with breastfeeding children.” Tanya


(You may remember Thegn from his birth that I documented https://vimeo.com/54427007 )

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