The Campbell children get together for the first time in 30 years at the house they grew up in

The Campbell Children at Campbell House

The Campbell siblings all got together for the first in 30 years. Brian, Jack, Robert (Bob), Graeme and Margaret revisited the home where they grew up and lived in the Campbell House, Jubilee Rd, Ardmona, Victora from 1945-1987 on the Turnbull Brothers Orchard where their dad worked. They were joined by many family and friends who travelled from all over Australia for photos at the old house, their old school – Ardmona Primary School and a lunch afterwards.

As I was photographing many funny stories were being shared so I grabbed out my sound recorder and invited them to tell me more as we recorded standing in the old kitchen. You will hear stories of mischief and fun, hessian mattresses, castor oil on Friday nights, the ‘cuts’ and peppercorn on the hands, footie and cricket with the half boy, Darveniza’s wine, orchard stories, school tales and more. They say they themselves they were “always naughty” but boy they sounded like they had some fun. Press play to hear all of this and see some highlights from their photos here below.

A game of cricket with the boys and the ‘half boy’ just as they always liked to do

This old house is soon to be demolished. The Campbells lived here for many years, but in most recent years it has been used for Picker’s accommodation. They will use it for one more fruit season and then it will be pulled down

Inside the old kitchen where we recorded the stories

The sleep out where the boys slept.

The only thing they said was missing in this photo are the snakes that were always on the verandah

  • Jodie - I love listening to to my dad Aunty and uncles telling their stories about growing up! Nana and pop Campbell we love and miss you so much.. XxReplyCancel

  • Danielle - Dear Campbell family,
    I’ve come across your great website while researching my own Campbell family history. Would you be connected at all with John and Catherine Campbell who landed in South Australia in 1838 and had a farm at One Tree Hill, 30km north of Adelaide? They had about 10 children so there are probably many descendants!
    Kind regards,
    Adelaide, South AustraliaReplyCancel

  • betty millett - My husband lived with the Campbell family over 50 years ago.So many stories to tell of things that the boys got up.ReplyCancel

    • Liz - Betty wow, such a small world. Let me know if you want me to put you in touch with the family. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Phylis Read - Shameful to read this Family Home with such a rich History of Family and Australia is going to be demolished,where is Australia’s Love of History and Heritage gone ?,it should be Heritage listed and Protected with it’s stories and History for future generations !ReplyCancel

    • Liz - I believe the building is full of white ants Phyllis. This is why it is being demolished. So full of history for sure.ReplyCancel

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