the most inspiring woman to me

Today at an International Women’s Day Event the MC Robynne Nelson – a very inspiring Yorta Yorta woman encouraged us to go home and think about what woman inspires us then go home and talk to my family about that. Well there is no one home tonight so I will share here for now.
Well my grandmother and mother came to mind but they are no longer living. Today in my life it is definitely my daughter Jamile?

I am not always the best mum but I try so very hard. Jamile is the one who encourages me and others on their path, especially her brother and I. Sometimes we are tentative to take the next step but she is the one who encourages us to move forward. She does that not only for Jaiman and I but everyone dearest to her and beyond. She takes the time to be constructive in her feedback – she has the hard conversations and the easy conversations alike. She thinks outside the square and encourages us to do the same.
And then she turns and does lots of her own exploring in the world – she researches, listens and explores with an open mind, an inquisitive mind and seeks to experience to understand even more fully on her own journey.

Jamile you inspire me the heck out of me honey and inspire me to be a better person. Thank you so very very much. I love and value you beyond any words or hugs could ever express. Happy International Women’s Day xo

Jamile has also just launched a new blog following her passions and exploring even more which in turn inspires me even more.

(I took these photos on our holiday in Ubud – September 2014)


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