A quirky little band called The Murks

“More than anything, it is just the most enormous fun. We have had some gigs where we have played to completely empty rooms, others of 1000+ people, or little pubs jam packed full of people dancing and going nuts or singing along and calling for encores. It is the biggest buzz to be able to connect to people in this way.

Personally being in a band is one of the best, most rewarding, satisfying things I have done with my life. I didn’t start until I was in my mid 30s. The friendship and connection you have with bandmates is really different to other friendships and relationships. You are united through creative endeavor and your passion. I am normally quite introverted so being at the front of a loud rock band brings a lot of balance to my life. One of the biggest challenges for us has been finding venues that want original music. We started off primarily as an originals band but to get regular work we have had to adapt and learn a wide range of covers to appeal to different audiences. When we play in Melbourne, we just play our own songs but up here it’s near impossible to get work doing that, so we have learned to be flexible.
2014 has been a fresh start for The Murks, expanding to a 5-piece with the addition of Joel Toohey on bass and Beno Wright on guitar and backing vocals.

Kim Carter, The Murks

The Murks are named after their hometown “nuMURKah” . They are a mix jazz/blues guitar, punk bass riffs and the drumming of a classically trained pianist. Add a dash of alt-pop vocals and weird lyrics. Bake until crispy.

Kim Carter (vocals), Squish Davis (drums), Joel Toohey (bass), Tim Watson (guitar), Beno Wright (guitar/vocals)

Band interests - Music, hanging out, store mannequins, puns, musical theatre, being creative, film, 50% of us like AFL, Japanese food, pants.

Sometimes The Murks perform as five members, sometimes as four, sometimes as three but no matter what they have fun and always bring lots of energy to every single performance they give.

To find out about upcoming gigs and others news  join their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheMurks

And also check out here  https://www.triplejunearthed.com/artist/murks


Join us here at rehearsal at Squish’s house and in the backstreets of Numurkah 

everyone loves Squish

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