The ‘Paddock to Plate’ program at Bourchier Street Primary School, Shepparton

“We use the space to grow whatever we can and then use that produce to cook” Susan Parnell (teacher)

“They get to appreciate their own cooking and I think they enjoy food more because of it” a mother says.

“Being able to live life and not having to rely on the supermarkets and pre packaaged foods – it’s back to basics” Susan Parnell.


The Paddock to plate a program  run at Bourchier Street Primary School,  Shepparton and is funded by Communities for Children.

Please press play on this short little film to see and hear more 

And four months later here is the garden  …….

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Over the next few weeks I will also be uploading more documentaries of Communities for Children Funded programs. These programs are all very different from one another and all make a big difference in the lives of others.
If you wish to have your program documented please contact me or 0407861303

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