Think About It Project DVDs arrive

The Think About It Project DVDs arrive just in time for the Out in the Open Festival this weekend – yay! The Think About It Project is a very important project that I did earlier this year.

Yesterday I saw the Think About It Project DVDs for the first time. When Damien Stevens showed me them I got quite emotional but then to see some of the young people featured hold their stories in their hands it moved beyond words. They are such brave and beautiful souls, sharing themselves. When I first approached Damien with the idea of helping young people tell their stories I never envisaged they would end up a collection of stories available on DVD to be shared so far and wide.

The Think About It Project DVD is collection of stories of life – of 10 young people’s lives. The eight attitudes associated with the Riddle scale of homophobia are drawn upon as the young people’s voices ’emerge’, sharing their real life experiences (of loss and love, abuse and praise, hatred and hope, isolation and equality, vulnerability and strength), in the hope that the broader community will experience these short films, and then ‘think about it’.

There has already been so very much amazing worldwide feedback about this collection of stories. When you get your own DVD you will see why.

Buy your copy now on paypal or at the Out In The Open Festival this weekend in Shepparton. You can purchase your a DVD at the ‘Outside the Square Forum’ on Friday or  Carnival Day on Saturday or  from youth worker Damien Stevens 03 58220843

Here is an earlier blog post about the Think About It Project that you can read also

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