‘Threads of Colour’ – a multicultural sewing group

This is a photo study of a great little multicultural sewing group run by Kildonan Uniting Care in Shepparton. I invite you to take a little journey with us from the sewing room in Shepparton, to a bus trip to Sydney Rd in Melbourne to buy material and then an exhibition.

“Women start from nothing and even how to use sewing machine and they have been doing that now for 8 months and now they are starting to make dress for themselves and their kids. I believe with the sewing machine that they have more confidence when they are making something by themselves” Fatima Al-Qarakchy 

“The idea of teaching them confidence in making things themselves so that they can redo it again at home and to watch their faces when they have actually accomplished something is just beautiful. We’ve notice their level of self confidence has improved, their level of self worth has improved, their English is improving. It’s just a great class. It’s really good fun.” Volunteer Jo

“I like to learning sewing woman clothes and man clothes and kids clothes. I love it, I feel happy. I am making friends. I am very happy to learning sewing, to learning English, a little bit of English.” Khadiga

On Friday October 3rd an exhibition of sewing creations and photographs was held in Shepparton.
The photographs below were taken by Photography by Jamile (as I was sadly not able to be in attendance that day)

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